Starting off the second year of college, we had to create a game that would be played from the first person perspective however this didn't need any shooting and could have been a simple walking game. I decided I wanted to include shooting as one of my favourite genres are FPS games which made for a fun project. To get this project up and running, I did an extensive amount of research into many different parts of games like mechanics, styles, level designs, technical details and the actual conceptualization of the project itself. I did some planning here before relearning programming and modelling in Blender and then got into the development which went really well.


Throughout the development of this project, I learnt a LOT of different things in each part of games dev (design, art and programming). Seeing as this was my first game in 6 months, I was very proud of the amount of knowledge I built up whilst making it. Some of the things I learnt were proper 3D modelling, texture maps, animations, many different Unity components and features, more advanced programming and mechanics that I wouldn't have thought I would get working this easily.


This project had quite a large workload which meant I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do which led to some cut content. The execution was also messy in some parts which made the code hard to manage and resulted in a very rigid architechture with bugs that I didn't manage to fix. I also had some time management issues which led to me spending the entire day on deadline day (9am to 23pm without exaggeration) getting everything polished off, trying to fix bugs and rushing to add features. This stress could have easily been avoided if I had planned ahead better.


Upon completing this project, I was very proud of what I put together. It served as a great opportunity to dive into mechanics that had always interested me like AI, interactions, going in depth with weapons as well as other parts of game dev that were equally interesting like animations and creating assets. This is something I had struggled with very heavily which gave me a massive sense of accomplishment when I got round to creating nearly every asset within around 3 weeks. I also got a chance to improve my programming to an extent I hadn't thought would be possible in such a short space of time.


Lines of code: approximately 2175

How enjoyable was development of this project: 9/10

How much I learnt throughout this project: 9/10

Difficulty of this project: 5/10

If extracting the file doesn't work, try using the 7zip program to extract

Made withUnity, Blender
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


First Person Experience 323 MB

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