This is the first ever game I have developed upon starting my Level 3 Games Development course at college. It is an adventure game based on the apocalyptic theme and is played in 2D. I started this project off by researching into existing games, themes, art styles and compiling that information together to create concepts for my game idea. I then learnt some programming with C#, gained a basic understanding of the Unity engine and did some pixel art on Photoshop. The next few weeks consisted of putting it all together to create the game itself.


This game served as a good introduction to game development. It was easy to come up with the idea and executing it was not so tough as 2D with spritesheets is quite simple. I also learnt the basics of programming enough to be able to add very simple mechanics into my game. Pixel art was also very easy as I had prior image editing skills.


Since I was completely new to game development, I struggled with making a quality product. I had to learn everything from the start which took quite a bit of time and patience. I also didn't push myself hard enough to try learning new things outside of our assigned tutorials which capped me at a lower quality of work.


I was quite pleased with what I managed to put together seeing as this was my first ever game. My design work led me to create a somewhat fun game, my art was good looking and fit with the theme I chose and finally my programming was alright. My biggest regret was not pushing myself farther since I could have had a much better start to game dev.


Lines of code: approximately 668

How enjoyable was development of this project: 5/10

How much I learnt throughout this project: 7/10

Difficulty of this project: 8/10


Project 1 105 MB

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